Feasibility Study for Small Hydro Power Plant

Feasibility Study for Small Hydro Power Plant in Southern and Western Terengganu

A Feasibility Study was conducted for the Development of Small Hydro Power Plant Projects in Sg Loh, Sg Nipah, Sg Berang and Sg Tersat in Terengganu, to generate and export power to the National Grid under SEDA’s renewable energy initiatives.

As part of this feasibility study, MESB was involved in the conduct of an Environmental Appraisal for the proposed project locations and its impact zones, to identify and asses the environmental as well as social impacts of the project. The study was carried out through the conduct of various site reconnaissance surveys, continuous and close liaison with government and state authorities and agencies, and monitoring of the water quality and wildlife of the surrounding areas.

The degree of impacts on the environment and communities were assessed, and appropriate mitigation measures for further deliberation were recommended.