Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA)

Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA) to Upgrade and Rationalize Current Sewerage Treatment Plants in the Tampin Catchment Area, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

The PEIA is conducted to rationalize or decommission ten (10) small sewage treatment plants (STPs) scattered over the Tampin Tengah sewerage catchment area, and to divert the sewage flows currently discharged to these STPs to a larger more sophisticated state-of-the-art sub-regional STP; as well as eliminate complaints by the public on malodour emissions from small STPs. With the implementation of the PEIA, it is expected that a more consistent treated effluent discharge conforming to DOE’S Category I 2009 sewage effluent regulations or standards can be achieved from this catchment.