The Upgrading of Solid Waste Disposal Landfill

The Upgrading of Solid Waste Disposal Landfill in Kg. Belanga Pechah, Langkawi and in Semeling, Sungai Petani, Kedah

The Project involves the establishment of a Level 4 Sanitary Landfill at Kg. Belanga Pechah, Langkawi while a minimum of Level 3 Municipal Sanitary Landfill for Semeling Sg. Petani on a brownfield site. The upgrading includes the closure of the current landfill and development of bottom ash disposal cell (lined with geo-membrane). On-site facilities provided includes membrane lined waste cells, tipping platforms, leachate collection and conveyance system, leachate treatment plant, weighbridge and other pertinent infrastructures.  

MESB’s team of experts involvement includes carrying out an assessment of the geological and hydrological characteristics of the area in which the landfill facility is to be located; to conduct soil investigations at the proposed site; assessment of the topographical survey over the potential landfill site, including details of existing facilities; to undertake monitoring of groundwater and surface water quality within the landfill site to ascertain current status and to prepare landfill development Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document and Site Supervision during Construction and Defects Liability Period.